How to Choose the Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

You may think that any moisturizer will be good for your skin. Moisturizers tend to work better for some people and not as well for others. Every moisturizer has different ingredients within to work best for different people.

So, how do you choose the best moisturizer for your own dry skin? If you have dry skin or feel the need for a moisturizer cream, then read on to learn the steps for determining the best one for you!

How Strong is Your Skin?

You should use a different type of moisturizer depending on how thick your skin is. If you have thin, dry skin, you should use a moisturizer with Aloe Vera in it. Aloe Vera is especially good for dry skin that cracks easily as it soothes the crack and prevents them from cracking further.

If your skin is a bit stronger but still suffers from dryness, you should use an oil-based moisturizer. Petroleum jelly is quite good as well.

If you’re older and have some wrinkles, then I’d recommend a strong oil-based moisturizer as your body produces less oil at an older age. Using an oil-based moisturizer should resolve dry skin and resist further wrinkling. (You will still get wrinkles, but they’ll be less prominent)

Read Labels

Now that you know what general type of moisturizer you need you can look into potential options. Be sure to look for highly rated creams as there are those that aren’t good for you. Highly rated creams will be produced by people who are interested in your health more than making money.

When choosing your first moisturizer, make sure it has the above main ingredient based on your skin type and that it doesn’t contain anything you’re allergic to. If you aren’t sure what your skin allergies are, then get an allergy test done first.


After checking for allergies, you need to go with trial and error. Again, look for highly rated creams and try them out one at a time. You should only use one at a time so that you can be sure that is the one that gave you the results for that time.

Once you’ve tried a few of the more popular creams, you can decide which one worked best for you. That’s all there is to it. You just found the best moisturizing cream for your dry skin!

If your dry skin problem is focused on your feet, try out these foot creams that really work. I guarantee you’ll be very happy with them so long as you make sure to pick the one with the right main ingredient in it! Happy creaming!

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