Fitness equipment for losing weight

I can’t remember exactly when it was, but I know where I read about it and how it all started. It was clear to me that to lose weight I not only had to change my diet, but I also had to exercise.

The diet was implemented quickly and easily with the 5:2 diet plan. But with the sport it was such a thing. Losing weight from 50 is unfortunately not so easy!

I didn’t feel like jogging and I didn’t want to go to a gym either. My valuable spare time should not go also still for infinitely much sport and above all for journey ways to studio draufgehen. The sport should be short, crisp and effective.

The question that moved me for a long time was: “How can I burn many more calories in a very short time? So I was looking for the best fitness equipment to lose weight with which I could burn many calories in a very short time.
And then came enlightenment in the form of an article in MensHealth.

In the article in question, various fitness machines were presented and how many calories could be burned in one minute by training with these machines.

Best fitness equipment for at home

My breath almost stopped. Only 5 minutes with the skipping rope consumed 140 kcal. How awesome it is! I have a leather skipping rope and already knew how hard it was to jump 3 minutes at a time. But just jumping on the spot is not much fun for me in the long run! – To warm up is OK.

My interest was therefore all the more in the Kettlebell, which consumes almost as many calories. A fitness machine of which I have often heard, but I had not dared to use it. There should be probably over 500 application possibilities for it.

The best thing is that it is a fitness machine for strength endurance with afterburning effect. So it’s just the right thing to maintain and strengthen your muscles while you lose weight. And above all, I can do the exercise at home.

The more I learned about the kettlebell, the more I wanted such a ball. So I bought one and taught myself the so-called Swing (more about that now). With Swing unbelievable powers work. And in the first week I didn’t manage to swing a 16 kilo ball for 2 minutes at a time.

What is the swing and how can it help you to lose weight?

The Kettlebell Swing is a complex and functional whole body exercise. At first glance, the execution looks like a mixture of crucifixion and knee bends. However, the swing has a higher dynamic due to the centrifugal forces.

The Kettlebell Swing not only helps to get a crunchy bottom, but also trains other muscles and above all the cardiovascular system. I could explain it to you in detail, but I think this video tutorial is really good, so I don’t have to describe the swing for you. I had bought myself a 16 kilo ball. Optimal for me to perform the swing. For further exercises with the Kettlebell 12 kilos would have been better.

How heavy should the ball be for a woman or for a man?

Basically, beginners would rather take less weight than too much weight. I had decided against a kettlebell that was “too light” because I was afraid that I would get bored after a short time and then have to buy a new, heavier kettlebell.

Meanwhile I love the swing with the heavy ball. Even when I can’t find the time to train for 15 to 30 minutes, swinging for 5 minutes at a time is always possible. After that I feel like I’ve been jogging for half an hour.

Nevertheless, I would choose a lighter weight today. With a lighter ball I wouldn’t be so restricted and could do other exercises for more variety. A really great exercise is for example the Turkish Get-Up or one of the following exercises. Beginners could also quickly become frustrated if their weight and muscle strength are not yet in the right ratio. See more on amazon listing for further details.

It is clear that women and men work with different weights. From my previous experience, I would rather start with a smaller weight in order to first learn the techniques correctly and build up the corresponding muscles before switching to a higher weight.

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