Tricks to detoxify the body and mind

When we talk about detoxifying the body and mind, we mean preventing damage caused by too much food or drink, but also limiting those actions or activities that cause stress or prevent us from feeling calm.

When we make decisions in which we combine solutions to address our physical and mental health, we are taking huge steps toward a full life. The important thing, in this case, is to do it strategically, that is, in a way that does not represent a radical lifestyle change, because in that way it would be very difficult to achieve the goal.

These changes, though small, will over time have a big impact on your health and quality of life. Just remember to start small, that is, working on a couple of these at a time is enough, and once you master them, you can start with a new one.

Ideas for effortless detoxification of body and mind:

  • Cook most of your meals at home. Restaurant food is full of salt and oil, no matter where you dine or what you order. Making a simple salad or having a plate of frozen beans and vegetables with a fried egg isn’t so hard and helps you stay healthy. If you don’t have a lot of cooking experience, start slowly and consider the help of a nutritionist.
  • Make vegetables the main dish at every meal. There may also be meat, cheese, and bread, among others, but in smaller portions.
  • Buy organic food when possible. Organic foods are free of synthetic pesticides, antibiotics and artificial additives. The more you buy organic products, the more you avoid these undesirable food components.
  • Eat fermented foods. Yogurt and other fermented foods have natural probiotics that promote better digestion and perhaps better overall health
  • Turn off your phone, computer and TV while you eat. This makes mealtime more of a conscious event and reduces the likelihood of overeating.
  • Enjoy a small excess. A cookie, a handful of fries, a glass of wine, but not all three on the same day, much less at the same meal.
  • Spend time with people who support your healthy habits. Many times this is difficult, because whether at work, college, or even at home, it’s hard to associate with people who are on the same wavelength as you. However, you should totally avoid sharing with people who try to sabotage your new healthy eating habits.
  • Schedule a social event every week. A date night, a walk with a friend, or even a phone conversation with someone you love to talk to can “refuel” your soul and make your outlook on life more positive.
  • Give more hugs. Hugging someone releases endorphins that make you and the recipient of your hug feel great. Turn a hug into a special, conscious event.
  • Listen to an uplifting song in the morning. Music evokes emotions, and when you hear something optimistic or resonating with you, your day is likely to start on the right foot.
  • Pay “exclusive” attention twice a day. This requires no additional time or programming, because you’re literally allowing your mind to focus on whatever you’re doing at any given time. But it can really help you relax and regroup, because you put everything else aside and focus totally on one moment of the day.
  • Swap some of your time in front of the TV for reading time. We watch TV to relax, but it’s often not so relaxing. Plus, it burns fewer calories than restful sleep. Reading, on the other hand, can be stimulating and relaxing, as well as being good for the mind.
  • Schedule an hour for social networking. Social networks are somewhat addictive, but they tend to make us feel worse about ourselves. Limit their use by setting a specific time to review Facebook, Instagram, etc., and then disable the notifications and avoid this medium the rest of the time. You will probably feel more at ease and have free time for other activities.
  • Move your body more. Physical activity, whether it’s walking, yoga, cardiovascular exercise or just getting up from your computer or desk once an hour to move, has a variety of positive impacts on the body.
  • Make exercise as important a part of your routine as eating. When you see exercise as a natural part of your day, it’s not something you have to do out of obligation or commitment. That way, you’re much more likely to do it regularly. Find a type of exercise that you like and work on a routine like you would at lunch or brushing your teeth. You’ll soon feel like a habit you can’t break.
  • Go to bed 1/2 hour early. If you’re one of those people staying up late, this trick is for you. Enjoying a little extra sleep can make your day much more enjoyable.
  • Give yourself permission to rest. If you’re a working parent, a housewife, or a young professional, you’re probably on the move all the time. Taking 5 minutes to lie on the couch without doing anything may seem impossible, but it’s not. Life will still be there when you rejoin, and you won’t be further behind than before your break. But you will feel renewed.
  • Swap your fragrance products for natural perfumes. Every time you put on perfume, light a scented candle, or dry your clothes with a fragrance dryer blade, you breathe in toxic chemicals.

The results you can achieve when making a detox vacation, and thus return to get a radiant appearance, your immune system boosted and with less weight, which will make you feel like a new person.