Symbology Of Reiki symbols

Reiki symbols are tools to extend the possibilities of using Reiki. The three traditional symbols of 2nd degree Reiki Usui can be used to extend the capacities and possibilities of 1st degree Reiki several times.

While in the 1st degree, the level of the body is mainly taken into account in the applications, with symbols, other areas come in the fields of spiritual healing, shamanism and magic as the art and science of personal development and changes in one’s own inner being to be evoked.

This process of doing something from the inside out can be called personality development.

The training of supernatural abilities is the basis. The basis for this is meditation, as taught in various wisdom teachings.

A multi-level symbolic language as an interface between the conscious and the unconscious is included.

In the 2nd degree of Reiki, symbols are fundamentally used for strength building, mental healing and distance healing.

With the 1st degree or without symbols, these things are also possible, as taught in Reiki Shingon, while with symbols, fields of application and possibilities are extended. Know more resources and check my source by clicking on the link.

The basic functions of the symbols of the 2nd degree Reiki are only the beginning and form the lowest level of the 2nd degree.

Thus each diploma can be described as a level in the sense of a plateau, on which one arrives with initiation and basic training in the 2nd degree, but without knowing too much.

This level must therefore be explored in depth in order to make the most of what Usui left to his posterity with Reiki and symbols.

The master symbol is the fourth main symbol of Reiki, as one of the tools for initiations to Reiki power, in the symbols themselves and for the master initiation.

Since the master symbol is mainly used for teaching, it does not play a special role for the application of Reiki at first, but it has a special symbol content that is important for understanding the mystical and magical spheres of Reiki.

Mastery is also the entry of a level in the direction of a plateau. As in the second degree, it is a question of exploring and probing this plateau after master training.

And to avoid being completely alone, there are several levels of mastery in Shingon Reiki. This gives the master the possibility of not having to explore the master’s level alone.

It also helps so that the Master does not find his way and does not need to reinvent the wheel.

This means that he does not need to learn Japanese, Chinese and Sanskrit and has to deal with the spiritual wisdom teachings of different countries for years in order to connect everything to symbols and Reiki.

In the three degrees of Reiki, there are many other abilities and skills besides the symbols that must be formed. To do this, it is logical and important to understand the origin and background of the symbols.

Symbology of traditional Reiki symbols

  • Detailed explanations of the three traditional symbols of Reiki (historical,
  • mystical and magical)
  • Spiritual meaning of Reiki symbols
  • Practical application
  • Qigong Reiki – secret exercises to strengthen and develop the spiritual energyystem of the human being.

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