Hi everyone, my name is Barbara. Originally I was an artist, drawing many different things the way I see them and like them. However, I decided to retire as a professional artist and only draw whenever I have a dash of inspiration in myself. In the meantime, I am just relaxing while I am living the rest of my days in retirement.

I share this website with my niece, who helps me to manage all the day to day things required to build the website. Mind you, I am already 60 years old and I have no intention of learning anything new or technology related. It has already taken me 8 years to get myself a Smartphone ever since they came out – I am absolutely not going to continue learning more about what the modern world wants.

In this blog my niece will help me to write about style, home, living, and other topics that may interest me, not just artful things but also things related to the humanities. There are many things that we don’t know in the world and it is my hope in this blog that you will be able to understand this along with me. Toodle de dum. Let’s get the paintbrushes started, shall we?