Installing a New Shower Unit

An effective shower installation needs cautious planning and a great deal of work. In most cases, you will certainly need to do 3 kinds of jobs: mounting walls, installing the pipes, as well as finishing wall surfaces.

Prep work

Firstly, you should choose the sort of shower that you desire to set up. It is necessary to ascertain whether the chosen shower is capable of coping with particular systems and also can control a safe degree of water with the boiler. The majority of shower systems nowadays are developed to be versatile to various water pressures (such as stored warm water and cold keys).

It is also essential to take into account the water pressure and the planning of the piping as well as drain for the shower

Various Sorts Of Shower Units

Push-on Mixer: The hose and spray parts of the push-on mixer shower device can be linked to the bathroom faucet based on your demand, and also the water temperature can be changed through the faucets. Push-on mixers are cheap and also incredibly easy to install. However, although the tube connection is easy, it is easily dislodged. Additionally, it is troublesome to readjust the temperature.

Bath/Shower Mixer: The pipe as well as spray of this type of shower are incorporated with a bath mixer tap, and also the temperature can be adjusted through the bath taps. It is a really economical choice and also no additional plumbing is included. Nonetheless, the bath/shower mixers additionally struggle with inconvenient temperature level control choices.

Handbook Mixer: The hose pipe and also spray of a hand-operated mixer shower device are a part of the wall surface system and the hot and cold water materials are linked to a solitary shutoff The temperature level and also stress of the water are managed with either one or a variety of knobs (in more expensive showers). Although temperature control is a lot easier in hand-operated mixer types, they are much more expensive than the previously discussed mixers. They also call for added pipes of cold and hot supply of water pipes.

Thermostatic Mixer: The hose as well as spray of this shower type belong of the wall surface unit and also the cold and hot water products are connected to a solitary shutoff below too. It is total with a built-in stabiliser to self-adjust the water temperature as well as to stop it from coming to be too hot. One of the biggest advantages of a thermostatic mixer shower kind includes practical temperature control. However, it is the most expensive of the various mixer choices.

Power Shower: A power shower is a solitary unit including a powerful electric pump that can altering both the water stress and also temperature level. This kind of shower can be fitted if there is supply of water from a cold water cistern as well as a hot water cyndrical tube. A power shower makes the change of both stress and also temperature easy. On the other hand, it is unsuitable for water heated up directly by the shower or where the water is provided by a combination boiler under keys stress.

Electric Shower: An electric shower is plumbed right into a keys cold water supply and it warms the water electrically. It is essential to note that for this shower kind to be set up, the keys stress needs to be a minimum of 0.7 kg/sq centimeters (10lb/sq in). The unit enables the temperature level and pressure to be readjusted using a handle. Models with temperature level stabilisers are better as they continue to be unaffected by other taps in other places in use within the home. A significant disadvantage of electric showers is that the control knob only allows for the choice of heats at much less pressure, or reduced temperature levels at a better stress. This is problematic in the winter season when the spray is commonly weak and the mains water is cooler. Nevertheless, this problem is dealt with in some designs which are available with a winter/summer setting.


Depending on the type of shower you desire to install, the shower head must either be fitted in order to prevent its contact with the water in the bathroom listed below or the base tray, or it should have a check shutoff.

Before beginning, it is a good idea to note the positions of the shower head and also control, as well as to intend the pipe-work included. Additionally, the drainage system to remove the drainage will certainly need to be planned. Both placements of the cord path as well as the shower switch will likewise require to be thought about if a rapid or electrical shower unit is being mounted.

Make use of the direction guide offered with the shower system to fit the shower control.

Prior to suitable the pipelines that will supply the water to the shower system, it is essential to cut off the water supply. In order to protect the pipes, they must be given a water-proof covering as well as additionally fitted with separating valves. The pipes can then be hidden right into the wall surface as well as glued over to neaten the total appearance.

Hopefully, they have given you some valuable information about plumbing system.