CBD capsules, the real alternative

CBD Caspule: What are they?

CBD capsules are one of the most common ways that you can take CBD.

You may have heard of cbaceited , cbd crystals and cbd liquid: on our website you can also find this additional solution which is very practical and convenient, perfect for those who take cbd daily.

We could say that they are the first real alternative to the cbaceited , for several reasons:
The same mode of intake, that is, by ingestion
The capsules contain CBD oil, so only the rate and percentage of cannabidiol absorption changes

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So what are the issues to consider when choosing CBD capsules compared to a CBD concentration of 10% instead of 24% oil?
The first variable to consider is the dosage of CBD.

The capsules have a predetermined amount of CBD, so on the one hand they have the advantage of ensuring the intake of certain and regular amounts over time, while on the other hand they do not allow to scale up or increase the dose like oil.

In fact, each capsule of CBD contains 33mg of CBD, which corresponds to 11 drops of 10% oil.

Nothing prohibits the combined use of the two products: for those who need 40g or 50mg of CBD per day, a capsule with the addition of 2 or 5 drops of 10% oil will save them from having to take and count 13 or 16 drops of oil accurately.

Once this factor is clarified, which can objectively determine the choice between the two products, we can talk about all the advantages that the Capsules can offer.

The first aspect to consider is the test.

Several people are particularly sensitive to the taste of cbd oil, derived from the carrier oil used, in our case hemp seed oil.

We are talking about an oil with multiple and recognized nutritional properties, considered a true natural supplement useful for the well-being of the body both in the preventive phase and in the treatment of certain problems.

It is important to stress that hemp oil offers a perfect balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6 (ratio 3:1), which is essential for our body to make the best use of these fats. The ratio of 3:1 is recommended by the latest medical research as the most balanced.

The best known properties of hemp oil are its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and its modulating effect on the immune system.

With the capsules, you can still enjoy all the benefits of hemp oil seeds, contained in them, taking advantage of a totally tasteless and odorless product.

The second aspect to consider is that of Comfort.

Thanks to the CBD capsules, you can always have your daily dose with you wherever you go, be it on daily trips to work, on weekend outings or on trips around the world.

With standardized CBD content, there are no problems with waste or overdosage – you know exactly how much CBD you take each time you take a capsule.

A third aspect to consider is the fact that it is discreet and easy to take.

Unlike oil, which requires pipette administration, which can be uncomfortable, or in some situations quite limiting in terms of privacy, the capsules are absolutely discreet. You can place them in any pillbox, with total serenity.

For those who have problems with trembling, or difficulty in counting the drops taken, the capsules are a definite solution.

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