Survival Food and Water

Survival isn’t just about preventing getting your arms removed, or sinking from a storm or radiated from a nuke. Survival is actually an equilibrium in between avoiding the catastrophe and keeping your very own health and wellness. You’ll need stamina and endurance. And also food and also water are what will certainly offer you the power you require. So in this piece, we’re going to discuss 5 things. We’ll cover

  • all-natural filtration approaches
  • seawater purification and also home heating water to cleanse it.
  • foraging for food as well as avoiding dangerous plants.
  • freeze dried foods and also proteins, food preparation gear and also stoves as well as bug out dishes.
  • water tablets/UV purification as well as water where there is no water.
  • As soon as you’ve read this, you’ll have a great manage on the things to deal with in any calamity when it involves food as well as water.


Next to life threatening injury treatment, drinkable water is the initial top priority. The reason is that you can not predict the length of time the disaster or its results will certainly unfold. The store shelves might be wiped tidy of bottled water. And if for one reason or another the water system is contaminated, just how do you get the water you need?

What if you don’t have water purification tablets available? Just how do you normally detoxify water? One way is to discover a tree with large fallen leaves. Discover a branch that’s in the sun. Next, tie a plastic bag around completion of a branch. Over time, the humidity from the leaves will affix to the within the bag as well as type water beads. It’s not a drinking fountain, yet its drinkable water.

Another approach is the Sodis method. You simply take a soda bottle, and also load it with filteringed system water. Filtered significance water that has no rocks, particles or leaves, branches, and so on. Place the top on the bottle, and lay it on a black steel surface area in the sun. This will certainly produce enough warmth to kill every one of the germs in the bottle over 6-8 hrs. However what do you do with salt water? We live near the ocean as well as there’s plenty of water below. Just not drinkable water.

So an interesting option is a seawater distiller. These are not as complicated as you would believe. There’s no electronic devices either. Its a spin on the initial method I showed to you. Check it out. water tablets as well as UV purification water where there is no water The following thing to think of is food. Foraging for food.


One of the survival policy of 3’s is that you can not do without food for more than 3 weeks. For me that will be a problem because I’m going to Wendy’s every 3 hours. But below’s the thing. If there is no way to obtain food from stores then you may need to discover it in the timbers. I’m speaking foraging for food. So to get the process rolling, I recently added to my BugOutBag a deck of cards called 52 Wild Edibles. Each card is committed to one wild food thing. As well as each card has some specifics concerning prep work, cautions, and also recognition suggestions.

Likewise check out Steve Brills work on wild plant foraging. He has a list of 14 plants that are a combination of edible and also poisonous plants. In this listing of plants, he covers cattail, dandelion, elderberries, mulberries, juneberries, nettles, toxin ivy and also others.

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