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High Cholesterol: Know the risks

High cholesterol is a fatal disease that is brushing up via the United States in impressive proportions. High cholesterol is specified as having complete blood cholesterol levels of 240 or over or LDL (reduced thickness lipoprotein) cholesterol levels of 160 or even more. Excess cholesterol in the blood can bring about: Angina: Breast discomfort. Atherosclerosis: …


Physical activity during pregnancy

Physical activity is related to multiple benefits such as decreased incidence of disease, improved functional ability as well as better mental health. Even knowing all these benefits, a large part of the world’s population still does not complete the minimum recommendations for physical activity. One of the least active population groups is pregnant women, especially …


Healthy Treatments for Overcoming Drug Addiction

Overcoming drug addiction has three stages: Accepting Detoxing Avoiding The first stage can only be accomplished by acknowledging that you have a drug abuse problem. The second stage, detoxing, can and should involve professional help. Detoxing from a drug addiction leaves you in a state of pain and discomfort for an extended period. Withdrawal makes …